Green Coffee

We source Colombian Coffee to the world

As a Colombian coffee exporter, we are passionate about sharing the excellence of our coffee with the world. Our beans are sourced from small family farms, where generations of farmers have honed their skills and passed down their knowledge, resulting in exceptional coffee that is steeped in tradition and heritage.

Green Coffee

Specialty Coffee: Colombia Regional

Consistent and balanced coffees; from specific regions around the country, with sweet and rounded body qualities that works perfect for espresso recipes.

Score : 84+ SCA

Specialty Coffee: Microlots or Single origin.

Coffees from one farmer and a single variety or single farm. Selected for their high quality floral, fruity or acidity notes that makes distinctive profiles.

Specialty fully washed coffee & Balanced and consistent honey´s and natural process

Score : 85+ SCA

Exotic Coffees

Small lots of exotic varieties either processes from a single producer. Commonly selected for their extremely highly and complexity qualities that makes an experience behind the cup.

Score: 87+ SCA


We ship the green beans in 70 kg or 35 kilograms bag and 25 kilograms sealed vaccum boxes.

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Roasted Coffee

Roasting is a crucial step in the development of unique and complex flavors in each variety of coffee. As an industrial process, it requires the expertise of a skilled master roaster who can achieve the perfect balance of heat and time to unlock the full potential of the beans, thereby highlighting the distinct qualities of our different "Amulets".